Friday, 6 January 2012

five reasons why you should visit the i.w this year...go on...u know you want to...2012...The Year Of The Dragon. Be FIERCE! Be FIESTY! Seize the world by the balls and make it scream your name!! YEEHHHH!!!! love AllyGrrrrl xxx

[reason 1] eathouse diner
well...go heard the sign! even the website is delicious

following two photos stolen directly from the eathouse website 

 [reason 2]  seasonal concepts
peacocks, antelope, giraffes, a cock on a rock (keep scrolling), doll babies...i want to move in

i was assured he died of natural causes...

[reason 3]  dry land bar + diner 92 redfern st redfern
creme brulee, chocolate mousse, artichoke + fennel TART?! why are you still reading this?

thanks to the unbearable lightness of being hungry for this cool interior shot

[reason 4]  red cross store 359 king st newtown
no artichoke + fennel tarts here but you can certainly tart your look up for the new year (of the dragon!) for not much more than the cost of one ;)

[reason 5]  general random cool stuff like this... 

living artworks

big green bugs on pink walls

and it wasn't even my b-day. awesome :)

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  1. Fabulous AllyGrrl!! Can't WAIT to visit Newtown in Feb xxx