Saturday, 28 January 2012

 ::what's been getting my ally [heart] racing this week::
introducing the frock-o-licious miss claire westwood, fabulous fifties fashionista and owner of fifties frocks
miss westwood (yes, that is her real name...I think...whatever) frequently sells her foxy feminine frocks fervently from - watch out for the grand opening of her studio soon
(damn, how's my alliteration today - phwoar!)

[the above two images stolen directly from]

::drunk on the moon::
whilst out walking off a horrific hangover with my gorgeous grrrlfriend/yoga guru extraordinaire simone, i stumbled (and you can take that quite literally) - rather ironically - into drunk on the moon
a beautiful little vintage store that feels just like jumping down the rabbit hole
simone testing out her 'asana' on the "very strange" (yes, that's what's on the tag, if you don't believe me, keep scrolling) 2-seater european upholstered bench

"drunk on the moon celebrates all things old, aged, distressed and weathered by time. these are the things that tell unspoken stories. they fill our world with character and humble charm"

see! told ya! i [heart] very strange 

kids! you've gotta get this on your bucket list  - an outdoor gallery in st peters. "the exhibition space consists of five panels that are hung in window spaces along the side of a building in may lane. Each month several artists are invited to use the entire space as their canvas, or to focus on the panels which are then kept each month as part of a larger documentation project"

::things to do in the i.w when you get bored #1::
go through everyone's wardrobe/closet/shoe rack, collect as many variations of footwear you can get your hands on...and nail 'em all to a power pole. yep, that'll learn 'em.

::and whilst we're on the topic of shoes::
these lil babies (ha ha, get it?) missed out on being nailed but i did get them for my favourite 8 month luka lister (yes, definitely his real name) coz with a moniker like that, ya gotta wear skull shoes. want some? go to faster pussycat on king st, newtown or check out their website

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