Tuesday, 31 January 2012

 ::allygrrrl [hearts] may's lane project::
maybe coz it's, like, in an ally? but ALSO coz it's a freakin cool outdoor gallery space 

"The exhibition space consists of five panels that are hung in window spaces along the side of a building in May Lane. Each month several artists are invited to use the entire space as their canvas, or to focus on the panels which are then kept each month as part of a larger documentation project"

why pay 25 bux to see the really really really OLD art of a DEAD GUY when you can get yourself a delicious dinner and/or beer and/or wine and/or cocktail and/or... instead, then go and see LIVE artists making NEW art in a lane FOR FREE?  here's what went on friday 27th Jan...

 ::may's lane project live feature artist: niels shoe meulman::

"traditional handwriting with a metropolitan attitude"

the coolest i've felt all week, hanging in a lane way on friday night with coopers drinking graf artists (note to self: spell check, ensure space is in correct spot, could be awkward), groupies and a super cute cameraman...puppy! i mean a super cute puppy - scroll to bottom (check out camera man on the way )....delete...re-start... 

OK, friday night: me, coopers drinking graf artists, groupies, puppies, cameramen, whatever...all being cool in a lane way... and hypnotised by the calligraffik magik of niels shoe meulman, blasting up his beatific creations all over may lane. 

mr shoe's weapons to blast mass urban boredom
mr shoe
shoe takes aim...
...has a tiny rest...
...calligraffik magik!
watch the birdy..adding swirly bits.. (yes, that's a real calligraf' term...starting now)ta-da!

eyes on the artist allygrrrl, eyes on the artist
yeh, well i bet his camera doesn't have a phone in it
the crowd goes wild
puppy [heart]

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