Friday, 2 September 2011

lastest iw gallery exhibits for your viewing pleasure. ps: i´m posting this from brooklyn nyc, looking out over the manhattan bridge. don´t hate me :) next blog: is iw as cool as brooklyn (i fkn think so)

polychromaisa  (yes, that is a real word) ON WHEELS 

whenever i'm feeling confused and in need of some good advice, i head straight for the blackboard at ´liz´s bookshop

kinda wanna move just coz of the cool sign. i wonder if they really have a grammophone...or if its just to get attention? got mine.
mona lisa  of newtown 

i was actually checking out her cool bag...then i noticed she was on ONE WHEEL. loz's unicycle wants to meet others just like join this cool lil club, get in touch with loz via you´ll end up with killer pins like hers.

jj thought she looked too corporate ....i think she's chroma-licious baby!!!

{hearting} this tangerine dream with matching chill out chair. can just imagine sitting out here on a warm summers eve after, driking a nice cuppa tea....and watching newtown tv pass by

even the guts of the punching bag at my gym is full of colour. 
rip punching bag.

this foxy chroma´licious mama stopped me in my tracks. can´t go past a grrrl who´s coffee cup matches her outfit.

seating encouraged

my little fetish in red. me-OW.

who's johnny???