Sunday, 26 February 2012

 ::allygrrrl [hearts]iw grrrls::
8am, wading through the sea of hipster grey on ambercrombie st, 
this pin stripped vision-of-gorgeous strode towards me like a life raft that i dutifully grabbed on to...
i mean, seriously, it would be a crime to let her go by, right?

(i swear, my radar for amazing - aka: the amaze-dar - is so ridiculously accurate i'm almost a little frightened by it's power)

introducing my new grrrl crush lian loke...(that's dr loke to you). 
not only is the doc a very nice person, she is also a senior lecturer at sydney uni and is an artist/performer/researcher with a focus on "borders between the creation of body-centred artistic works and human-centred design approaches to interactive technologies and spaces"  ...of course she does :)

the amaze-dar strikes again! 
this rain-angel brightened up an overcast bleak day better than a rainbow. 
coz rainbows don't wear bubblegum smelling melissa shoes and have 'daddy' tattoos

emma from furr on king st...
i truly believe the job description for furr includes the following 
"must look absolutely adorable wearing wild and colourful hair, 
femme fatale tatts sitting in a doorway at 8.30am"
don't believe me? go and check out the furr grrrls in person 
and get yaself a hell wicked new do

 ::'member dem::
an hommage to the foxy femmes who've graced the iw gallery over the last 6 months

strutt sisters visiting exhibits from newcastle - check out their designs if you feel 
like having your mind blown a lil bit
adorable seraphina, another fantastic furr-fox (that was very clever wasn't it?)
movie set grrrrl
sexy-legs grrrrl
tat-a-licious grrrrl
the vint-abulous miss westwood from fifties frocks
mo-'fro (that's street for mohawk-afro 'k tigers?) of the month grrrrl
grrrl that knows how to handle her instrument
see ya grrrrl
festival-grrrrl and not-a-grrrrl but looks cool enough
rock chick and boho grrrrls
lil cutie grrrrl
bows in all the right places grrrrl
asana (and that's a yoga term right!) grrrrrl

Friday, 10 February 2012

 ::allygrrrl [hearts]eveleigh markets::
my new favourite thing to do on a saturday morning, set amongst the majestic eveleigh rail yards, is to meander through the magnificent array of spinach, fennel, fungi and other wickedly delectable treats at the farmers' markets on wilson st, darlington. support local + nsw based growers, bakers, makers and baristas....ask 'what the hell is that?' and get a free sample...but be warned, you'll want to buy it.

"good dog sweetie, have you seen the price of the shemeji?" 
"bargain darling!"

8am...before it gets busy
git yerself sum pretty...
and some breakfast... 
sit back, relax...
watch sexy men making stuff...

and while you're having your cuppa joe, you can just let your kids loose to play on the railway tracks
sexy salacious spinach
ferociously fresh fennel
flamboyant funghi
baskets bursting with beautifulness
absolutely the most adorable veggie seller of all time ever. 
i am committed to buying my carrots from him until i die

"small soy flat white, extra strong no foam thanks darls"
best coffee at afloat...
and not just coz they are super nice and friendly 
and this mega cutie is making it...well, it might help a little...
i don't even eat meat but i pretended i did for a quick second to get this (hot) shot
these things!
and that!
those too!

i [heart] farmers' markets big time

Saturday, 4 February 2012

2 sassy grrrls + 1 smoochy dog + 20'ish blue icing'ed cupcakes =
and i freakn [heart] 'em

i took my ally heart on my sleeve down to their fabri-licious textile showroom on regent st redfern to do some schmoozing this ridiculously talented two-some, get covered in goosebumps, have heart palpitations and stomach butterflies so intense only eating said blue-icing'ed cupcakes could quiet the little buggers down. a tactil-lating mix of boho/rock chick (in my humble opinion), sixhands create their art on anything from tea-towels to rugs to wallpapers to....whatever else you can think of that can have amazing boho/rock chick art on it. 

i wanna be them when i grow up...
and have one of these...
and eat these all day without getting fat and a blue tongue

so, hypothetically speaking, if you were to meet a couple of your idols in person... and got a little nervous and excited..and told them every time you looked at the designs on their website you wanted to throw up... added 'with excitement' on the end of the sentence...but it was really busy and really noisy and they didn't quite hear the 'with excitement' you think...hypothetically speaking...they would think you're a bit of a dick? sigh. i guess an interview's out of the question?