Sunday, 22 July 2012

::allygrrrl [hearts] july exhibits::
check out the gorgeous artworks on King St darlinks! i be gittin' me whiplash!

cute toez
cute face to match :)
[heart] these two warhol-esque honeys
who do ya feel like being today?

on her way to work at Vinnies... major [heart] for you grrrlfriend
ink up tigers
so when did accounting students [really!] git so 'yo giddy up'?
call me crazy... but i think that's a bear in a boy suit

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

::allygrrrl [hearts] i heart gallery::

darlinks! history has being made...i heart iw's first interview...most appropriately with the sassy miss sunny from i heart gallery a gorgeous lil rabbit hole of treasures and tempting treats

look at all the cool stuff in person at 643 king st st peters or if you're lazy and just lie around reading blogs all day, sunny has a tumblr + facebook page [like her 'k?]

...dunno about you guys but i'm about to wet my pants...

warning: the following content contains words that may offend, such as: c^nt $hit fu*k, dinosaur + artist


Thursday, 5 April 2012

::allygrrrl [hearts] sad stuff on the street::

hey my lil darlin's...check out my wilson st 'sadness stool' @
(you can even go on their facey and like me!) 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

::allygrrrl [hearts]sexy king st boyz::

the amaze-dar's on full force tonight...i feel like a butterfly catcher...('cept i didn't drop 'em in embalming fluid, put them in a frame and hang them on my wall...they'd look good tho :) where are they going? band practice...natch. you can see how good the practice went by rockn up to the fbi social at the kings cross hotel !!this saturday tigers!!

yes you beautiful sweet gorgeous thing, you are [heart]

Sunday, 1 April 2012

::allygrrrl [hearts]art::

i totally dig maurice's celestial canvas creations...anyone thinking of  a 'hey allygrrrl, yo da bomb' gift, maurice can usually be found on king st by the martin luther king wall, and you can ring him up (scroll thru the pix to see his number) - thank yoop!

Friday, 30 March 2012

::allygrrrl [hearts]newtown::
aka:my magical morning meander

king st, 8am...coollest bike ever...i mean skulls + hot's a no brainer peeps

just keeping with the pinkblue theme...

there's always a magnificent exhibit outside furr, no exception hair (ha ha, geddit...?)
keep it local, dayem!
[always] gorgeous graff-art by local artists outside crumpler 
blue sparkly sequinned cons... i want...!
beautiful boys augustin + dan
eveleigh market muso @ the carriageworks
lollies at the markets
markets on australia street aka: 'do of the day' award...givin the furr grrrls a run for their money
i spy...skull tights!
bliss-a-licious saturday