Tuesday, 24 April 2012

::allygrrrl [hearts] i heart gallery::

darlinks! history has being made...i heart iw's first interview...most appropriately with the sassy miss sunny from i heart gallery a gorgeous lil rabbit hole of treasures and tempting treats

look at all the cool stuff in person at 643 king st st peters or if you're lazy and just lie around reading blogs all day, sunny has a tumblr + facebook page [like her 'k?]

...dunno about you guys but i'm about to wet my pants...

warning: the following content contains words that may offend, such as: c^nt $hit fu*k, dinosaur + artist



  1. Fab article and fab store AllyGrrrl & Sunny! I miss the I.W!

  2. Crazy shop lady! That's you! CONGRATULATIONS on your first interview. I'm so proud of you Sunny. I LOVE these iphone pics of your shop.

    You are so creative and have created a beautiful happening in and around your shop. You create ways for others to share their beauty and story.

    How magical.

    Can't wait to see your magical light show gallery too.