Sunday, 26 February 2012

 ::allygrrrl [hearts]iw grrrls::
8am, wading through the sea of hipster grey on ambercrombie st, 
this pin stripped vision-of-gorgeous strode towards me like a life raft that i dutifully grabbed on to...
i mean, seriously, it would be a crime to let her go by, right?

(i swear, my radar for amazing - aka: the amaze-dar - is so ridiculously accurate i'm almost a little frightened by it's power)

introducing my new grrrl crush lian loke...(that's dr loke to you). 
not only is the doc a very nice person, she is also a senior lecturer at sydney uni and is an artist/performer/researcher with a focus on "borders between the creation of body-centred artistic works and human-centred design approaches to interactive technologies and spaces"  ...of course she does :)

the amaze-dar strikes again! 
this rain-angel brightened up an overcast bleak day better than a rainbow. 
coz rainbows don't wear bubblegum smelling melissa shoes and have 'daddy' tattoos

emma from furr on king st...
i truly believe the job description for furr includes the following 
"must look absolutely adorable wearing wild and colourful hair, 
femme fatale tatts sitting in a doorway at 8.30am"
don't believe me? go and check out the furr grrrls in person 
and get yaself a hell wicked new do

 ::'member dem::
an hommage to the foxy femmes who've graced the iw gallery over the last 6 months

strutt sisters visiting exhibits from newcastle - check out their designs if you feel 
like having your mind blown a lil bit
adorable seraphina, another fantastic furr-fox (that was very clever wasn't it?)
movie set grrrrl
sexy-legs grrrrl
tat-a-licious grrrrl
the vint-abulous miss westwood from fifties frocks
mo-'fro (that's street for mohawk-afro 'k tigers?) of the month grrrrl
grrrl that knows how to handle her instrument
see ya grrrrl
festival-grrrrl and not-a-grrrrl but looks cool enough
rock chick and boho grrrrls
lil cutie grrrrl
bows in all the right places grrrrl
asana (and that's a yoga term right!) grrrrrl

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