Monday, 26 March 2012

 ::allygrrrl [hearts] hugs::
hey tigers, a bit of a filler...i've been lazy...but stand by...first interview coming up!!! enjoy these lil indulgences in the meantime and if anyone's got a spare hug, chuck it my way will ya? xoxo

allygrrrl needs a hug
lil birdy needs a hug

sticker needs a hug

mannequin need a hug
santa needs a hug (bags not!)
tin box thing on a post in camperdown park needs a hug
powerpole needs a hug
lil sticker guy on lennox st needs a hug (i'm doing a whole blog about the dude who does this stuff - from tiny stickers to massive wall murals, i've been photo-stalking him for this space...he's freakn awesome!)

newtown needs a hug!
help...the sidewalk on abercrombie street needs a hug

sad baby grrrl in camperdown park needs a hug (wait a minute, is anyone else thinking what i'm thinking...the tin-box-thing-on-a-post in camperdown park...just around the corner!! hook em UP! Dayem! i feel a love story)
scared crazy sticker dude needs a hug (ladies loo, coopers hotel...don't believe him by the way, redheads a da bomb)
abandoned lil garbage robot guy on redfern st needs a hug (i hugged him)

kitty (redern) and puppy (st peters) need a hug

NJ needs a hug...but everything will be ok...(newman st)
coz the skippy grrrls love you (wilson st, darlington)

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