Sunday, 13 November 2011

~ newtown festival 13 november ~
big thanks to all the super sweet friendly gorgeous peeps who let me take their pix - my little walking works of art :) why can't every weekend be like this? [heart] 4eva newtown baby
(apologies for the lack of witty repertoire on some images but these pix just screamed to be posted)

 organised by the newtown neighbourhood centre, for more than 30 years (insert huge round of applause + some woop-woops!) the centre has given the festival to its community as a free event
leila + her very impressive instrument

this instrument got all dressed up to support the no coal seam gas campaign (sign the petition here!)
oh know you want to!

i see you see i see you

torture and her [lady love], jet lethal, of sydneys roller derby crew the assassins take in the sights before heading off to roller derby practice (nope, not kidding). ladies are competing against my kiwi-homegrrrls on 26/11 - check 'em in action just don't look them in the eye..

meet sly, slimm, sassy + slick [heart]
straight from british vogue to the newtown festy 
who said rock star and boho chic can't be friends?

wonder if they offer a good discount on the qantas one?

next cover of frankie magazine?

dammit, why didn't i think of that? indian head gear for the beach. can definitely see that taking off this season

rover checks out the talent while his minder guards the eskie
my dad was NEVER this spunky. DAMN. when did dads start gettng so hot?

friendliest, sweetest, rock-a-billiest couple of the week - big [heart] to you cuties!

decorated skulls. a gift to show "someone" how much you reaaaaallllly love them (that'd be me by the way, the pink one please. thank you)
who me?

s'up dawg?

foxy foxy newtown kids [heart]

nope, didn't photoshop, i swear!
[heart] a grrrl who matches her hair with a thigh-bow-tie

hey...hey shirl...chuck us ya lipgloss will ya darls?

toys all strangled, hung from tree....sooooo bored. i wonder if i can get the gas outta this balloon?

shoe o' the week [heart]

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