Thursday, 13 October 2011

iheart hits manhattan - and it hits back! yet another amazing bite of the big apple, but happy to be back in my cozy gallery that is just as crazy-beautiful..and doesn't hit back! have meet some gorgeous exhibits in the past few days that i'm collecting for the next up-coming iheartiw show - stay tuned. i've also got a few snaps from (what i affectionately refer to as 'newtown on steroids') melrose ave in la (yes, la) - king streets crazy older sister who's been around the block a few too many times but still manages to pull it all together with flashy trashy rock chick flair. did that titillate your curiosity enough to pop back and see me in a few days?

bond nyc 'make scents of new york'... that i could never afford...but they'll give u a free sample if you talk in  your best aussie accent. my fav (take note - birthday coming up!) andy warhol lexington ave.
 groovy lil website too
just another day, just another pink gorilla with a double bass busking in the subway.

yes, it is ( and no i didn't. i declare myself the world's only cupcake hater (except for hannahs red velvet devil hip enhancing butt enlarging varieties). am preparing for backlash. ps: i also hate macaroons


in the window..badass LV barbies. that's what I'm talkin'bout! {heart}

do i really need to write a caption?

bet its a bitch to pump the tyres up

...and in addition the the birthday perfume (andy warhol lexington ave: 100ml $215, 50ml $150, click here for more details), please git me summa these mary oxford booties from donna karan. no, i don't care if we're going into summer ($295! free shipping! size 10!) 

(that's french for "also" by the way, it's not aussie spelt in a cute funny way. just sayin.)

on upper east side (u.e.s to us locals) you'll find a quaint little shoe store with various offerings such as the goat hair boot with 'flava sava'.... (90 trillion dollars)

...leopard print n' collage sling back stilletto (60 trillion dollars)

the "i'm gonna pop a cap in yo ass then kick it real hard" studded bootie (70 trillion bux) the ever so elegant black n' gold sparkle n' lace peep toe for a pleasant night in, in front of the telly with a bottle of Kristel (100 trillion) see, the mary oxfords are quite affordable after all!

don't laugh, these spirithoods actually pretty damn cool, especially on hip skinny beautiful young dudes and dudettes who are like, totally in touch with their inner spirit animal. get ya freak on tigers!

the amazing magnificent totally over the top ridiculously hip n' sexy hudson hotel where i will go wearing my new mary oxfords and andy warhol lexington ave perfume for my birthday (december 13th, get in quick)

{heart} a fella dressed in yella

jimi in collage

MIU MIU I {heart} YIU YIU...yes I diu diu!

ALL SAINTS - Sharing my love with yiu tiu

my senitments exactly when i saw below...

look closely...
...yes, it's true!, a grammatical question here - should i write "yes, she had no top on" or "no, she didn't have a top on"? she did have a little black moustache aussi, drawn on with a permanent marker. certainly made a few fellas days i'd say. made mine!

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  1. Fabulous Ally Girrrl!!! That no-top woman is high-larious! xxx