Friday, 28 October 2011

i  {heart} marrickville festival 23/10/11
...and so do about 29,000 other festy-goers (so says who, along with yours truly, languished in the 'blink and you'll miss it' summer tease, lapped up the visual feasts and live music on marrickville rd. 100 stalls - 75% local (poor effort, should have been 100 - just sayin'!) of food, art, fashion + design were complemented with wham bam slam poetry, wicked live tunes + sexy dance routines.
put it in the diary for next year if you missed it - not only are the stalls + music entertaining, the festy goers themselves are always colourful - have a looksie!

that's what i'm talkin' about - no, really, i am!

and seriously THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT!  Lets keep the earth green so little cherubs like Alex (below) still has grass to run around on when she takes off those hot doc's. sign the petition tigers!!!
     image 1: alex strikes a cute pose      image 2: alex sees me eyeing up boots     image 3: alex prepares to run
alex, grrrlfriend, lucky for you my feet are about 20 trillion sizes bigger than yours or you woulda had a fight on your hands for those {heart} shiny cherry red docs {heart} the dress is totally adorable too...yes, very lucky you're waaaaaay smaller than me

i {heart} foot art (and feet like grass! NO GAS!!!)

it was a hot hot day, but annie and her jewells were super cool! handmade from vintage buckles, buttons + {heart} me-ow! have some for your very own - click here

for godssake don't get them mixed up!

just another abandoned double bass and amp on the sidewalk. so wish peeps would take their trash with them

some of the coolest t-shirt designs i've seen in a long time the devil keeps dancing designed by arnie here with his gorgeous smiling lady. support local! these t-shirts are bitchin'...and way too affordable. don't believe me? click here and find out for yase'f then ps: who noticed NO GAS dude in the background! Yay for NO GAS DUDE!

cheetah print and mohawks...two of my most favourite things in the world {heart}

{heart} festy goers :)

"the purpose of the  Marrickville Manufacturers Association is to bring together the manufacturing businesses in the Marrickville area  to promote their products by cooperative activity and to improve the opportunity for residents to shop locally" says their facebook page - but don't take my 'copy n paste straight from facebook' word for it - check it out yourself - support local!
and the tush of day the award goes to..! 

{heart} local band doc jones + the lechery orchestra {heart} the fan dance even want some more doc, click here to find out where that fan's coming out next!

purty ladies n' portaloos - wonder if they keep spare loo roll under those frocks? did i just say that out loud?

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