Saturday, 22 October 2011

back in the iw gallery again! so many exhibits, i'm getting whiplash - check out some of these talented locals and be inspired.

kat fashion designer
{heart} a pop up in a pub! check out kat's foxy fash' urban doll at corridor and grab yaself a mojito 
(kat assures me they're the best in town) to celebrate your cool new purchase

dyan musican/composer

big {heart} to dyan - not only completely adorable with one of the maddest 'dos i've seen in while 
(a 'fro-hawk?)  but also ridiculously talented muso...natch.  check him out NOW - he's touring all October

ears artist
{heart heart heart} ears + oh really!? gallery. cheers ears! i love stumbling upon your urban masterpieces, splendid additions to the gallery for sure

heart + kisses for iw lovers 

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